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Founded in the fall of 1999, Arts Alliance Laboratory was a studio for experimenting with digital media. Backed by Arts Alliance, a London-based venture capital firm which was interested in understanding the various directions in which interactive media might develop, the studio's mission was three-fold:

explore digital media
As media technology continues to advance the key factor in creating successful products will be the nature of the user's experience of that product. By focusing our work at the intersection of art and technology, we aimed to create both unexpectedly compelling and unexpectedly useful pieces that help illuminate the future of user experience.

catalyze creativity
We kept abreast of new technologies being developed in academic, corporate and independent labs and design/art studios. Innovation occurs in all of these places, and provided inspiration for our work. By looking forward in this manner, we were not only able to enrich the lab's work but were also able to help Arts Alliance's portfolio of companies develop their products to take advantage of both expressive and technological advances in digital media.

contribute to community
As a good creative and intellectual citizen of the artistic, commercial and academic communities experimenting with digital media, Arts Alliance Laboratory placed a high premium on collaborating with others to evolve the state-of-the-art. We created an Artist-in-Residency program so that others were able to make use of our resources, and we conducted a series of monthly salons where artists and technologists would show their works-in-progress to receive helpful criticism.

Jason E. Lewis (co-founder and director)
Thomas Hoegh (co-founder)
Alex Weyers (computational and conceptual engineer)
Skawennati Tricia Fragnito (producer)


1999 - 2001








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