WordNozzle Installation
:: blasting a stream of text



One day I was walking home from the Royal College of Art and wandered past an outpost of the London Fire Brigade. A couple of firemen were playing with a new nozzle they had just received; it looked like something out of an IDEO catalogue. I mean, this thing had been designed. I had just finished the WordNozzle application and I began to think - what if I could use that nozzle to spray text graffiti?

And so WordNozzle: The Installation was born. I tracked down the supplier of the nozzle in South London, who not only gave me a nozzle for cost (actually, way below cost) but custom-designed it so we could get the necessary electronics inside. Michael Field led me through the design of a 2D infra-red tracker, the output of which was in the tip of the nozzle and the receivers of which were arrayed around the projection screen. The handle was instrumented with a simple rheostat to control the rate of text flow. Much fun was had by all...

Jason E. Lewis
Michael Field




Royal College of Art, June 1997

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Director for Macintosh

Custom 2-D location software

Small flow nozzle from the London Fire Brigade


Dynamic Poetry: Introductory Remarks to New Medium, Master Thesis, Computer Related Design, Royal College of Art, London, November 1997